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Buckingham 3

As I mentioned in 'Buckingham 2, one route south east from Buckingham went down Pilch Lane.  This breaks off from the A421 ‘London Way’ at SP 753 326 and goes south-east through the Horwoods and Mursley.


There’s a 90 degree corner after quarter of a mile – so Pilch is an odd lane: not straight and to the point like most drovers’ routes – and on the corner is a 2-acre triangular field (#1)which I would like to believe is a stance.  (It’s now an SSSI) 
Pilch Lane is on Chancellor Sir John Fortescue's estate map of 1599 (#4).


*Thanks to Ken Harris of Swanbourne for this.

Buckingham 3 image 1
Buckingham 3 image 2
Buckingham 3 image 3
Pilch again
Buckingham 3 image 4
Fortescue Map (detail)