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Owlswick to Ilmer



The (ex-) Shoulder of Mutton stands in the centre of the isolated hamlet of Owlswick at SP 792064 (#1).  It felt lonelier than ever on a quiet autumn day.



The green (not always green) lane to Towersey via Ilmer was probably the route taken to Thame Market and could have been part of a much longer stretch because, on the 1880’s 6” map, we found a Coldharbour where the lane crosses the brook at 757050 (#5).  Whatever the truth, it’s a very pleasant walk.

(700 years ago, Ilmer was bigger than Longwick, but the village was all but wiped out by The Black Death in 1348.)



(#2 & 3 are before Ilmer, #4 is after.)

Owlswick to Ilmer image 1
(ex-) Shoulder of Mutton
Owlswick to Ilmer image 2
To Ilmer..
Owlswick to Ilmer image 3
Owlswick to Ilmer image 4
Near Towersey
Owlswick to Ilmer image 5
(ex-) Coldharbour