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Calverton, West of MK

Unexpectedly, on the western edge of Milton Keynes, there’s an old (mostly green) track going due south towards Newton Longville.  It starts at SP 805381 near Upper Weald Farm on Calverton Lane – suddenly.  Meaning, there’s no trace of it to the north.  (#1)


When it was pointed out to me, I thought it was the path of an old railway line, but it isn’t.  And there are wide areas every now and again for grazing (#2).  As an extra treat, we found some 500-year-old oaks, survivals from the old Whaddon Chase royal hunting ground, just west of the path at the Briary Plantation (818338).  Their age is given away not by height, but by the bulbous trunk at the base of the tree (#3).


If you live near MK and like walking, I’m pretty sure you know it.  But in case you don’t, I urge you to walk it before it’s built on.  You can see England at its best (#4), but If you want an extra carrot, The Shoulder of Mutton at Calverton is an old-fashioned pub which provides excellent food & beer.


It was probably a route from Northampton down to Leighton Buzzard (and thence to Dunstable & London).  It’s odd to think that 500 years ago England was covered with many more roads, like this one, than it is today; they just weren’t so bloody busy! (#5)

Calverton, West of MK image 1
Near the start
Calverton, West of MK image 2
Calverton, West of MK image 3
Old Oak
Calverton, West of MK image 4
Not Bad...
Calverton, West of MK image 5