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Wood Street, Guarlford

Wood Street, Guarlford

The icing on the cake came late in the day: we were about to leave for Wales when Chris suddenly noticed a path up to Guarlford.  It looked wide and ragged, therefore it was almost certainly a drove road.  And what about Ox Hill, halfway along it?  And the Upper Wyche, a gap in the Malverns, which seems to be where it originated?

Look for SO 809449, (Woodbridge Farm) – you can park easily up the road, which I think is Penny Lane – and wear wellingtons against winter wetness because there’s plenty of mud to contend with.  You’ll be walking it backwards, as it were, but it was easier for us.

The first few yards were disappointing, but that was only a few yards; after that the lane opened out and was utterly magnificent.  I’ll leave you with the pictures and hope some of you agree…

Wood Street, Guarlford image 1
Wood Street, Guarlford image 2 a real..
Wood Street, Guarlford image 3
..drove road!
Wood Street, Guarlford image 4
Upper Wyche