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Tributes: to my two friends Nick & Sue Fane, without whose enthusiasm and navigational skill I would have got lost and died on a Welsh mountain years ago. 

To my friend the wise and knowledgeable John Trimmer, who never fails to provide a thoughtful, new slant on my ‘finds’.  His website is packed with information on droving.  

To Stan Clark of Harpole, who has regaled me with drovers' tales to remind me how excremental the job was.  " 'Tin-Breeches' Brown", says Stan, "could empty a pub in under a minute by drying himself in front of the fire."  

To all those kind and interested country people who, over the years, have cheerfully opened their doors to me and tried to answer my strange questions.

Finally: to the audiences who come to my talks.  They have corrected me about their local history, suggested new routes that I had never thought of, and probably given me as much information as I have given them.