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The Gap Road (2)

Chapter 2

Having parked near Pontbrengarreg Farm (SN 047249) we walked south across Pent-wyn Bridge over the Nant Sere, with sounds of rushing water all around because of the falls on either side.  Our next stop was Tir-ciw, now spelt as Tircue, which is not totally surprising as the owner comes from Grandborough in Bucks.  What is surprising is that the ciw I own comes from Grandborough as well. 

He told us the Beasthouse behind (now a guesthouse) used to be a dairy, but we suspected it was where the beasts were shod.  Why shoeing was necessary we were soon to find out.

We started up the narrow path (#1) through a gate until we emerged, after half a mile, on to grass and recognised the picture Shirley Toulson included in her second volume of The Drove Roads of Wales (#2).  Then, as we got higher, the grass became intermittent, the weather breezier and the stones grew into small rocks, then larger ones (#3).  We were walking on bedrock with chippings…but, my, wasn't it fun!  We suspected where the “Gap” through the hills was as we approached, then the line of the path ahead gradually revealed itself (#4) until Bwlch ar y Fan – the Gap – revealed itself at 205032 (#5).  

One picture looking ahead, one behind towards Brecon grabbing all the sunlight, a telling-off by a pair of ravens who did not want their kingdom disturbed, and we were on our FAR more painful way down.  But what a smashing walk.

The Gap Road (2) image 1
The Path begins...
The Gap Road (2) image 2
...Grows Grassier...
The Gap Road (2) image 3
The Gap Road (2) image 4
...until the Gap was visible.
The Gap Road (2) image 5
Through the Gap.