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The Aynho Bend

The road through Aynho, south east of Banbury, has two hairpin bends close together: it might be the only village in the country where the man at the back of the drove couldn't see the front or even the middle of it for over two minutes.

The farmer living in Bourton's Farm (see pic.), right on one of these bends, took full advantage of this. Where the fruit tree on the left is now there used to be a large wooden gate in the wall, for carts, with a smaller one inset.  Mr Okey used to wait behind the smaller door when he could hear the bleating of sheep coming up the hill from Adderbury.  When he saw through a chink that no drover could witness the felony, he pulled in a sheep, slammed the door and no one was the wiser.  Sheep used to come through the village in flocks of 4,000 so one or two wouldn't be missed.  A one percent casualty rate was normal, anyway.

Sheep seem to enjoy being driven, and it prevents foot-rot too.

Thanks to Dick Okey for being so honest about his family's dishonesty!
The Aynho Bend image 1
Bourtons Farm, Aynho