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Straight on at the Bend

If a country road takes a 90-degree turn and there is a gate or gap in the hedge straight ahead, that gap may well lead you on to an old droveway. 

Nowadays, roads link villages or population centres, but drove roads tended to avoid them unless there was a large market there.   The road turning sharp left at SP 280308 in picture #1 leads to the village of Little Compton, near Rollright.  The road through the gap ahead goes first to Neakings, an old shoeing station, then to Wheelbarrow Castle, an old drovers' inn

Picture #2 shows Ogilby’s 1675 map of the old road going dead straight, leaving Little Compton far to the west.  

Straight on at the Bend image 1
Turn to Little Compton
Straight on at the Bend image 2
Straight past LC, 1675