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is the Welsh for a ford and Rhydd (SO 836452) is exactly that: it’s the crossing of the Severn immediately north of Upton.  The walk down to the river from the main road is the shortest on this website, hardly worthy of an article, perhaps.


#1 & #2 show the track down to the water; #3 shows the converted barn which up to 1870 was the “Oak Inn”, I was once told.  There was a ferry…and that is all we can find about the place.  Anyone with more local knowledge, please let us know.


What intrigued us far more than the crossing was Rhydd Green, acres of wide, lush verge either side of the road leading to the crossing (#4 & 5).  We imagined a vast holding area for beasts waiting for the ferry, an organic version of the huge lorry parks around the cross-Channel ferry ports and the Channel Tunnel today.  We thought there must have been alehouses there to cater for the drovers’ thirsts, and sure enough we found one on the old 25” map: The Plough & Harrow Beerhouse at 822452.  I bet there were a few more…

Rhydd image 1
Down to the River..
Rhydd image 2
...we go.
Rhydd image 3
Oak Inn (once)
Rhydd image 4
Rhydd Green
Rhydd image 5