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A short stroll to see some standing stones near Llangain, Carmarthenshire.  Of mild interest only, we thought, but a spring-like day at the start of January was too good to miss. 



We liked the ancient feel of the banks & hedges (#1) but were unprepared for the surprise we got when we reached “Merlin’s Quoits” at SN 378162 (#2).  Without warning: “The site is on an ancient drovers’ road from Narberth to Carmarthen,” the information board announced. 



Surely not?  That drove-road was two miles north of us, following roughly what is now the A40...



...unless, of course you wanted to avoid the tolls!  We looked round the bend of the hedge and there it was (#3).  Just 100 yards of it, but 100 noble yards like this are proof enough. 



When the hedges petered out after Dolaumeinion we thought we’d seen the last of the nobility, but then came a stance (#4) and another fine short stretch (#5) before His Lordship demeaned himself and joined the tarmac road north to Carmarthen at 386172.



Now we have to find the other 30 miles.  Or at least little bits of the other 30 miles.  Should be fun.           

Narberth-Carmarthen image 2
Merlin's Quoits
Narberth-Carmarthen image 3
Not Bad, Sir!
Narberth-Carmarthen image 4
Stance at Ystradwalter