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Llandovery to Trecastle

I am fortunate enough to have found another maniac with the same obsession; in fact I think she’s more hooked than I am.  She walked into my house on her way from Wales to Buckingham – she walked through three counties on the way – and in October we took the old Roman track from Llandovery to Trecastle, over Trecastle Hill, that drovers took to avoid the tolls on the A40.

 You can still see what is (barely) left of an old inn, The Black Cock.  And we were surrounded by Roman remains all the way that we couldn’t possibly appreciate...


...because, of course, being Good Old Wales, it rained.  Not viciously, but enough to restrict visibility to 50 yards.  Here’s the pictorial record of the journey.  All I can say is, on a beautiful day it would be a magic walk; as it was, it was still brilliant.


And now, inevitably, I live in Wales.


  • We left Llandovery by Waterloo Bridge (SN 772343) going south east and upwards, and the track did the rest for us, except for a loop just after the Black Cock (818312) to go round the north side of the escarpment.
  • You are joined by the drovers’ route from Llandadog at 873292, just west of Trecastle
Llandovery to Trecastle image 1
Upward from Llandovery
Llandovery to Trecastle image 2
Getting rougher
Llandovery to Trecastle image 3
Footings of The Black Cock
Llandovery to Trecastle image 4
On Top
Llandovery to Trecastle image 5
Roman earthworks or a wider road?