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Hidden in West Cardiganshire is David Jonathan’s farm, Ffwrn-eithin.  Not only has its acreage been much reduced, but the original farmhouse has long been demolished and a bungalow built to replace it.



Two noticeable features remain from the old days, however: the first is the drive (#1).  It stands on a causeway like a miniature Roman Road, well-drained and solid enough to withstand the hooves of thousands of beasts every year.  #2 looks down the drive and shows the old farm-barn in the centre, the new bungalow immediately to the right of it and a new barn to the far right.  On the left of the picture is the top of a pine tree (the second noticeable and, we’ve been told, highly important feature of Ffwrn-eithin). 



#3 shows where Jonathan’s farmhouse once stood and to the left of it stands the pine, which had a special name.  It may have been the only pine in Wales or the world to be christened.  The reason for its baptism: farmers who wished to bring their stock to Jonathan to be driven to English markets would be told to bring their beasts to The Pine Tree.  The Pine was the start of the long haul.  So of course it was given a name…(#4)



…but can we find anyone connected to the family or the farm to remember the name of the tree?  NO, WE CANNOT!  If Dai Davies reads this, Please, Dai, put us out of our misery!

Ffwrn-eithin image 1
The Drover's Drive
Ffwrn-eithin image 2
The Farm
Ffwrn-eithin image 3
Where the House Stood...
Ffwrn-eithin image 4
...Next to The (Nameless) Pine