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Cow Roast

South east of Tring there is a village with the extraordinary name of ‘Cow Roast’ (SP 104 956).  It’s on Akeman Street between Tring and Berkhampstead, and is presumed to be a stopping point or resting place for cattle on their way south east to London; ‘roast’, in other words, is a corruption of ‘rest’.  (Shame, really: it’s a Roman settlement and the idea of a second-century BBQ is appealing.)


The main field where the cattle grazed is now occupied by a BMW garage (#1) but the Cow Roast Inn (#2,3) on the other side of the road serves good beer and even better steaks.  There is another rich grazing pasture alongside the garage, still used by resting cattle, but I failed to get a snap of it. This will be remedied (August 2018).

Cow Roast image 1
Site of Cow Rest
Cow Roast image 2
The Inn 100 years ago
Cow Roast image 3
The Inn today