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Bighton Pines

The village of Bighton in Hampshire (SU Square 6134) boasts the best stance of pines we have ever seen (#1).  The village used to be on the main coach-road from Winchester to London.


The pub, which used to be the Three Horseshoes – because the fourth was being nailed on by the smithy, I imagine – has had an unfortunate change of name to The English Partridge.


Rumour has it that there was a cattle-stance in Bighton Dean Lane.  There is certainly a triangular piece where the road divides, but we are not certain this was it.  Any ideas, anyone?

Bighton Pines image 1
The Pines
Bighton Pines image 2
Ex-Three Horseshoes
Bighton Pines image 3
A Stance?